About us
COMCON came in to existence with the manufacturing of its first Audio Monitoring amplifier way back in 1982. A humble beginning has grown in to hundreds of products in dozens of product category with one thing common to all BEST VALUE FOR MONEY. Thanks to the dedication and commitment of our staff starting at SNR of 67db we measure 110 db SNR routinely on our latest amplifiers. When it comes to technical quality ours is the best product on the market 9 out of 10 times.
Today we manufacture products with embedded intelligence with intuitive and easy user interface. Our products benefit from the fact they were designed in the IT environment making best of embedded expertise. This late coming in the field has worked in our favor as our products were legacy products which all have gone through 4 to 6 generation revisions. COMCON today have more than 200 products and more than 80% of them are fifth generation designs less than 3 year old. This unique fresh blood in all our products has touch of perfection in them.

To compliment our product offering, to serve our Indian client diverse needs we have distribution agreements with some of the world’s best manufacturers. Thus, raising our number of products offerings from hundreds to thousands of professional products. For dedicated support to our principals hi tech products, we have a modern service centre with repair and calibration facilities of international standards.
Our distribution areas are in high tech Audio measurements, radio station networking and automation, Video servers and asset management. Specialized production and transmission equipments. Transmitters up to 2 mega watts. Special purpose software are becoming another key area where our support has been very much appreciated. We now cover the length and breadth of India with our offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Kolkata along with our head office in New Delhi. In addition to our offices we have dealers in major cities all over India. In addition we work hand in glove with dozens of system integrators and consultants in broadcast and communication areas.
Software Solutions
Way back in 2000 we realized that broadcast industry is heading towards boxed solutions with intelligent software systems providing all the speed & horsepower. We started our software division with a small beginning to develop Teleprompters. Samvad the prompter is now being recognized as the best teleprompter in the Indian market. A typical hardship faced by big clients in coping with over a dozen Indian Languages has been the reason to choose such a product development.
The simple reason for our success over the decade's old names is the fact that Indian Languages have a character set which is very complicated. Indian languages are the ones with whom we were born and brought up, and we have a natural advantage. With a flaw less Hindi prompting in Samvad English based languages look like child�s play for our Prompter.


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