Audio engineering at COMCON goes beyond the engineering and blends precision with Art. It is this perfection which has enabled us to create better than the best products in audio distribution and monotoring.

In the day to day changing technology, Video products we provide are the best selection from the best manufacturers of the world. Few products manufactured locally by us againbetter than the best among Analog video.

Samvad teleprompter is the latest innovative product design using "OFF the SHELF" hardware re-writing the design rules for the prompting industry,"WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT WE PROMPT".

Installation accessories manufactured by COMCON add professional functionality along with look and feel. You benift from the 100's of years of design experience and your product implementation becomes smooth.

Nautel transmitters we sell serve 176 contries round the clock irrespective of whether conditions and support them professionally like our own products. We have the capabilities to keep them "ON AIR" even after natural disasters.

Selling test and measuring equipment at COMCON is not treated as a sales job but a solution design engineering challenge. We sell you equipment for a price and solution comes free with it.

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